The Dependence of the Tea Card Composition

1. The tea category. It is a bad idea to offer regular tea bags to visitors. Therefore, you need to choose tea for a cafe from the higher category, adding a few popular items.

2. The cuisine specifics and the way the tea is served. The tea card should match this direction. And these are not only classic types of tea but also rare ones.

3. The most important thing is don't forget to regularly determine the effectiveness of the tea card and add something new.

Principles of a Tea Card Making

1. The golden rule of making a tea card - do not try to include everything at once. Ideally is better to include in the menu up to 10 types of delicious tea.

2. Select several varieties carefully and competently - and they will win the hearts of visitors.

3. Pick the materials that have an elegant look during the tea brewing, it will be more impressive. This spectacle will certainly bring additional aesthetic enjoyment to your visitors.

Seven Groups of Teas

There are 7 groups of teas:

Green tea, White tea, Yellow tea, Black tea, Red tea, Pu'er tea, Oolong tea. Each of the group has one direction and several additional sections.

Raw materials

For each group, leaves, and buds are collected from different types of tea bushes.

Processing method

The raw materials are the same but are handled differently. This is how we get the degree of fermentation, taste, aroma, saturation and a huge number of different types of teas.

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